Hi there. My name’s Anna and I have a problem. A lipstick-loving, makeup-hoarding, spendy little problem. This is my therapy.

I’m a corporate cronie by day but I’ve started this blog as a bit of a hobby – to share my passion for all things beauty and style while airing out some of my mental cobwebs at the same time.

Here’s a few other things about me that you may not know.


  1. I’m a habitual list maker.
  2. I wish I was an artist but I’m way more analytical than I am creative.
  3. I love cheese. Smoked gouda, sharp cheddar, goat cheese – a cheese shop with free samples is my heaven.
  4. I return things as often as I buy them. If something doesn’t work – I take it back! Bless you, Sephora.
  5. I’m a strong believer in self-care, downtime, treat-yoself-days – whatever you want to call it. I’m an introvert masquerading in this world as an extrovert and that shiz gets exhausting.


In this blog, you’ll find musings on everything from my favorite lipsticks of the moment, to why, as women, we equate career success with self-worth. Like I said, this is my therapy.


I hope this blog can serve as a little therapy for you too, so please, comment away!