Fenty Beauty Haul + First Impressions

Guys, this has been a loooong time coming. I’ve been hearing about Fenty Beauty for what feels like forever (but has actually only been since September). I didn’t feel compelled to buy anything at first…but then she came out with the Stunna Lip Paint and the Mattemoiselle Lipsticks. You know I can’t pass up on a good red or matte lipstick…

I was pretty restrained for my first time around. I heard good things about the foundation so I decided to pick up that plus the primer. It took ages for my shade (120) to come back in stock on Sephora!

I’m a highlighter junkie but have tons of powder highlighters so I went for the matchstick cream highlighter in the iridescent “starstruck” shade.

I wanted to try all the Mattemoiselle shades but finally settled on “Freckle Fiesta.” I didn’t want to buy two red lipsticks and although I was SO drawn to “Griselda,” I wanted to try something a little more neutral and wearable for everyday. (Not that I wouldn’t wear a vampy lip shade every day but ya know…the world isn’t ready.)

I’m not much of a gloss person but I’d heard so much about Gloss Bomb, the universal Fenty Beauty lip gloss, that I decided to give it a go.

And of course, I had to give Stunna lip paint a try.

Check out my full review of everything I bought below!

Fenty Beauty Haul

Pro’Filter Instant Retouch Primer

This is a lovely primer. It mattifies my skin but also feels light, airy, and slightly moisturizing. I’ve been getting into primers more over the last year or so and this is one of the nicest I’ve tried. Most mattifying primers feel thick and occlusive but this one feels like nothing. I’m not sure if it actually makes my foundation last any longer but I’ve tried it with a few of my cushion foundations and find that it layers nicely under most formulas. This would be my go-to for work, long nights, or any event where I need to look matte for a long time.

Pro’Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

Okay, I’m not gonna lie to you. This foundation is MATTE. It’s borderline drying on my normal-to-dry winter skin. That being said, it’s a true medium coverage that can be applied more sheerly with a beauty blender or blended in with a foundation brush for extra coverage. 120 is a pretty perfect match for my NC20 skin and the shade range for this foundation is awesome. I’m pretty sure most people would be able to find a match here.

It is worth noting, however, that because it’s so matte, it dries down a little darker than it initially looks on a swatch. If you’re ordering online and you’re between two shades, I’d go with the lighter one.

I’m hanging onto this foundation for the summer but I doubt I’ll be reaching for it much this winter. My skin tends to get hella oily in the warmer months so I look for more mattifying products during that time of year.

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Starstruck

Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Starstruck

This is a cream highlighter but it’s actually a little dryer than, say, Glossier Haloscope. Which is sort of a trend I’m noticing with Fenty Beauty – it’s a brand for oily skinned gals. If you have dry skin, at least with the current product range, you may have trouble finding formulas you like.

That being said, I love the shade and longevity of this highlighter. I wore it all day last Saturday (10+ hours) and found it was still hangin’ on by the time I took my makeup off. Pretty impressive for a cream highlighter.

It’s pigmented but fairly natural looking on me. I can’t wait to try more shades! Got my eye on “Confetti”…

Mattemoiselle Lipstick in “Freckle Fiesta”

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Lipstick in Freckle Fiesta

The formula of this lipstick is pure gold. It’s super pigmented and smooth. The finish is more of a demi-matte than a complete matte but it dries down and becomes more matte with wear. And obviously, you could blot it if you’re looking for a totally matte look.

Like any bullet lipstick, it’s not transfer-proof but I find that it lasts fairly well and fades evenly. So if you don’t reapply after lunch, no worries. You’re not gonna end up with a patchy, crusty mess.

Shade-wise, I’m not sure “Freckle Fiesta” is a home run for my cool skintone. I’m not sure what I was expecting since I knew it was a warm-toned lipstick when I bought it but oh well. I’m going to play with it a bit more since I had a yellow/gold eyeshadow on the first time I wore it. I’m thinking that if I paired it with a mauve or plum eyeshadow, it would be a bit more flattering.

Stunna Lip Paint

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

This lip paint has been all over Instagram for the last few months and now, I feel like one of the cool kids. It’s hard to imagine how this lip color WOULDN’T look amazing on anyone. It’s a TRUE RED, no cool or warm undertones to speak of – just totally neutral, bold, a little bright…perfection.

Formula wise, it’s super thin and liquidy. The applicator is unusual – a sponge tip with a weird little round top. It took some practice the first few times I used it but I’m jiving with it now.

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

Be forewarned tho, if you aren’t used to applying liquid lipsticks – you may not like this. It’s definitely a little tricky to apply and because it’s so thin and liquidy, it got ALL over my teeth the first time I tried it. Not a cute look.

In terms of finish, it’s also a demi-matte but dries down to a more flat matte with wear. I tend to blot it since I love a matte finish on my lips.

Unlike most liquid lipsticks, this is not transfer-resistant. But honestly, I’m used to reapplying lipsticks after eating so that’s not such a big deal to me. It fades evenly and gracefully unlike most liquid lipsticks and leaves my lips intact, without feeling bone dry.

It’s not the easiest red lippie out there. If you’re in a rush and need a swipe of something quick and easy, this may not be it. But the packaging is GORGEOUS and the shade is probably one of the best reds out there. I’m happy to have this beauty in my collection and have already worn it several times.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Fenty Beauty Glossbomb

Just like her red lippie, this is another shade that is shockingly universal. It’s a perfect neutral peachy, rosy, gold lip gloss with just the right amount of sheer shimmer without being tacky. The packaging, like the rest of Fenty Beauty, is super lux and the applicator and formula of this gloss is pure butter. If you’re a gloss lover, you gotta try this.

Phew! That was a doozy. Have any of you tried Fenty Beauty? Comment below with your favorite products!

I’m hoping to try some of the powder highlighters (Metal Moon, Fire Crystal) and the Griselda lippie next. Stay tuned!



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