L’Oreal Infallible Paints Eyeliner – Review + Swatches

I first spotted this L’Oreal Infallible Paints Eyeliner on Refinery 29’s Beauty With Mi and instantly loved the look. It’s been on the fringe of trendy for the last few years to do a swipe of shockingly bold eyeliner – either on the top or bottom lid. If you’re into graphic liner in bold shades, this drugstore find might be for you. Even if you’re not, this is a great way to play with a trend without blowing a ton of money.

Aqua Eyeliner

Price + Formula

At $9.99 a pop, these eyeliners may seem like an expensive buy but are still half the price of similar ones from Sephora and MAC. And so far, I’m very impressed with the formula.

The applicator is your classic thin, felt tip – similar to Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner or (my favorite) Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. It makes it super easy to get an ultra-thin line or go thicker with extra strokes. Either way, this little pen is my favorite applicator for liquid eyeliners because it allows maximum control.

The formula itself is super thin but ULTRA pigmented. You can get bold color with just one swipe – which is important for a product like this. The trend is all about bold, graphic color and you don’t want to be messing with anything too sheer or watery. Otherwise, it just won’t work.

The staying power of this liner is magnificent. I’ve worn each shade all day and found they last 10+ hours.

Keep in mind – I’ve only just purchased these (it’s February), so it will be interesting to see how these hold up in the hot and sweaty summer months. But to be honest, on my oily eyelids, almost nothing will last on my eyes during a Virginia summer.

Shades + Swatches

L'Oreal Infallible Paints Eyeliner

I bought two shades – Vivid Aqua (the shade Mi used in her video), and Electric Blue for a slightly more understated, work-appropriate alternative to black liner.

It also comes in Teal, Green, White, and Black.

The Gist

I would definitely recommend these. I haven’t tried MAC’s but I vaguely remember trying a light blue from Stila a few years back and being very disappointed with the lack of pigment and watery texture. Save the coin and go the drugstore route with this trend. Snaps for L’Oreal for nailing this trend on the nose.

I might try the “Wild Green” shade next.

What about you? Would you try out this trend? Let me know in the comments below!


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