Wet n’ Wild Rainbow Highlighter – Review & Swatch

In case you haven’t noticed, unicorns have been having a bit of a “moment” lately. From (disgusting) Starbucks drinks to rainbow-hued makeup – this mystical creature of yore is making a  major comeback. This Wet n’ Wild Rainbow Highlighter is from the unicorn collection that the brand released last year. I missed out on that one, but this baby is still on sale at Ulta.

Shockingly, I find this highlighter to be very wearable despite its ethereal, fantasy vibe. It’s not the most pigmented highlighter ever but definitely more pigmented and sparkly than Glossier Haloscope, (a good example of a natural, everyday highlight).

Shades + Swatches

Wet n' Wild Everlasting Glow Highlighter

Wet n' Wild Everlasting Glow Highlighter

As you can see from the swatch above, it’s very sheer and blends seamlessly into my fair skin tone. This picture was taken in natural light, so you can actually see the sparkle.

I only bought one shade “Everlasting Glow” but it also comes in Unicorn Glow (a bolder rainbow), and Bronzed Glow which looks like a typical bronzey highlight.

Wet n' Wild Rainbow Highlighters

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This budget baby retails for only $5.99 and is definitely worth the coin if you’re a highlighter junkie like me. The packaging could be better. It’s pretty basic with a clear plastic lid (no mirror), but to be honest, I don’t usually take my highlighters on-the-go with me during the day so I don’t mind that.


Formula-wise, it doesn’t wear as long as a more expensive highlighter like Becca or Anastasia but will definitely take you through a typical 8-hour workday with minimal fading. It looks a little powdery when it’s first applied but once it settles in, the natural oils on your skin dissolve any powder particles and leave a lit-from-within glow.

The Gist

In two words – “worth it.” The idea of a rainbow highlighter is so genius that I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before from other brands. I never expect a drugstore or budget beauty brand to lead the way in terms of innovative beauty trends, so I applaud Wet n’ Wild for this one. It makes me want to try more from them.

What are your favorite Wet n’ Wild products? This is the first thing I’ve tried from them since I was a teenager so I’m curious what Wet n’ Wild products everyone else loves.

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