Real Techniques Brush Crush Collection Review

If you’re into makeup at all, you’ve probably heard of Pixiwoo. Or at least, you’ve heard of the modestly priced brushes from Real Techniques. I watch Sam and Nic Chapman (famous Pixiwoo sisters) religiously on YouTube and use their brushes almost exclusively. When I saw their latest limited edition collection on Instagram, shining in all its unicorn glory, I knew I must make it mine. The Real Techniques Brush Crush Collection includes brushes for foundation, powder, highlighter, contour, shadow, and blush. Check out my full review below!

Real Techniques Brush Crush Collection

Can we take a moment to just appreciate how beautiful these brushes are? I mean, I’m not the kind of makeup junkie who gets that excited over brushes, so this might be a first for me. But these are just beautiful and look lovely on my vanity.

In terms of quality, I’ve found the brushes to be similar to the “bold metals” collection that Real Techniques released last year – slightly softer and more luxurious than their standard brushes. I’ve used these almost every day for a week and haven’t experienced any significant shedding from any of them. So far, so good.

301 Foundation

Is it just me or is this brush huge for a foundation brush? I definitely would prefer if the brush was a little smaller but I used this to apply my standard Bobbi Brown Skin liquid foundation, L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation, and Maybelline BB Cream. I found that it applied all three, quickly and easily without visible brush strokes. That being said, I wear so many tinted moisturizers and sheer foundations that I’m probably still more likely to use my fingers to apply than any foundation brush.

300 Powder

I mean, let’s be real for a second. It’s not hard to get a powder brush right. Unless it sheds like crazy or doesn’t pick up product – I don’t think I’ve ever really had issues with powder brushes. That being said, this one certainly fits the bill and is without a doubt the prettiest powder brush I’ve ever owned!

302 Blush

I have this same brush from the Bold Metals collection that Real Techniques did last year. I was actually surprised to realize that they called it a “blush brush” as I usually use it for highlighter.

I find it way too dense to apply blush with. It could just be my skin tone and preferences but I like the sheer application of the standard Real Techniques blush brush a little better. I used the pointed tip of this brush to apply a bold highlight and it works wonderfully for that purpose.

303 Contour

So I’m fairly new to the contour world and it’s not something I do all the time with my makeup but O.M.G. I LOVE this brush! This is probably my favorite of the collection. I find it works better than my SHOCKINGLY expensively $55 Nars Ita Brush.

305 Shadow

Not much to say on this one – it works just as well as the other Real Techniques shadow brushes. It doesn’t shed at all and is actually all I need to create and blend a basic 2 or 3-shade look.

304 Fan

Surprisingly, I don’t own any fan brushes. After experimenting with this baby for a few days, I find it really useful for applying some of my more pigmented highlighters (ahem, Becca Opal, ahem) lightly. If you prefer a subtle glow, this is a great highlighter brush. It won’t deposit much pigment but basically┬ákisses your cheekbones with just enough. It also works well for bridge of the nose, above the brow, and cupid’s bow.

Real Techniques Brush Crush Collection

Overall, none of the brushes in this collection are real must-haves. But if you’re in need of a new contour brush or shadow brush (I have to wash my shadow brushes every 2 weeks), I definitely recommend going for these over other pricier brushes. I prefer them to the standard Real Techniques brush collection, mostly for their packaging but also for their softer feel.

I’m curious because I don’t experiment with brushes too often – what are your favorite makeup brushes? Comment below with your recommendations.

Until next time – stay gorgeous, my little unicorns.



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