Fall Trend Shopping List

As I write this, the sun is shining and the temperature is at a slightly stuffy 85 degrees. BUT, cooler fall weather is on its way and I can’t wait to start breaking out the boots and sweaters.

Like, LITERALLY, can’t wait. I tried rocking a rib knit long-sleeved sweater yesterday when I was running errands and paid dearly for it.

But I digress. Fall is my favorite season to dress for. Hats, coats, scarves, boots…all the best clothes. Plus, the colors are great! Who doesn’t love those warm mustards, plums and teals?

Cozy textures like flannel and wool in khaki and jewel tones that flatter just about everyone make this season my bank account’s worst nightmare. Here’s what I’ll most likely be spending my pennies on over the next few weeks:


1. Chunky Knits

Asos Chunky Knit Sweater

New Look Lattice Back Chunky Sweater – Asos, $32


2. Camel Colored Scarves

H&M Cashmere Scarf

H&M Cashmere Scarf – $59.99


3. (Faux) Suede Skirts 

H&M Short Skirt

H&M Faux Suede Skirt $24.99


4. Tops with Bell Sleeves

Free People Soo Dramatic Long Sleeved Top

Free People Soo Dramatic Long Sleeved Top – Asos, $39


5. Platform Boots

Zara Black Boots

Zara Track Ankle Boots – $49.90


6. Flannel Shirts

Vans Check Flannel Shirt In Red

Vans Check Flannel Shirt In Red – Asos, $55


7. Peacoats in neutral colors

H&M Pea Coat

H&M Pea Coat – $69.99


8. Black Jeans

Topshop Black Jamie Jeans

Topshop MOTO Black Jamie Jeans $70.00


9. Sock Boots

Topshop Sock Boots

Topshop HOLI Leather Sock Boots $160


10. Backpacks

Urban Outfitters Backpack

Matt & Nat Small Mumbai Backpack – Urban Outfitters $125


There we have it – my fall wardrobe shopping list.¬† What’s your favorite season to dress for? Comment below, I’m curious to know if everyone else is as obsessed with fall as I am!

In the meantime – stay cozy, peeps.

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