Bangs or No Bangs – A Pros and Cons List

I think everyone in my life is probably tired of hearing me talk about this so my obsession with the bangs debate will have to take place here on the blog.

To start, let’s rewind to the early 90s. I was about to start Kindergarden¬†and life was good. My hair choices were out of my control and my mom knew what what was what. I had hair below my shoulders, frequently worn in two braids, and…BANGS.

Since then, I’ve gone back and forth from bobs, to lobs, to longer lengths, with all sorts of bangs, side swept bangs and no bangs – and EVERYTHING in between. I just can’t seem to make up my mind.

In recent years, I’ve finally decided to grow out my mop into a longish, blunt lob and as of two weeks ago, I decided to cut some bardot-style, parted bangs for fall. Here’s the thing – fall or winter is DEFINITELY the time to cut bangs, at least if you live in a place that gets hot in the summer.

A sweaty, shiny forehead with some greasy bangs on it is no bueno. Kinda looks like this guy from the original Pride & Prejudice on BBC. Shout out to Mr. Collins.

But without bangs…due to the nature of my slightly wavy, very dark hair, it hangs in my face Snape-style.

And so the eternal debate continues. I feel the need to take a logical approach to this madness. I know I’m not the only one who can’t make a decision on this and is just always going through life in some variance of a “growing out” stage.

So here goes – the one and only Bangs Pros and Cons list.


Pros Cons
Can make you look more youthful by making the face look rounder. I have a long face so sometimes I need this. Refer to Severus Snape, above. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. Notorious for requiring everyday styling and trims every couple weeks.
Opens up the face so peeps can see your cheekbones (or lack thereof, in my case). Got cowlicks? Count #1 twice.
Makes a boring ponytail or messy bun look more interesting. Can make your face look rounder – I KNOW I said this was a pro but it’s kind of a con too, depending on your face shape*.
Can disguise fly-aways and those little wispy bits around the hairline. Forehead. Breakouts.
Can look rock and roll, sexy or super girly depending on how you style them. Muses include Zoe Deschanel, Alexa Chung, Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. The grow-out can be a bitch, especially if you don’t like side swept bangs.
Can be great if you like change Рnot only is the initial cut a huge change (sometimes a bigger change than an actual haircut) but the look really changes and evolves as they grow.

So that’s it folks. The pros and cons list. For me, the pros won out. Maintenance-wise, mine only take 5 minutes to style every morning and a spritz of dry shampoo keeps them from looking greasy. Also, I love changing up my look which is why I’m having this debate to begin with, so I think I’ll have fun with them as they grow out.

For my face shape, which is sort of oval/oblong with full cheeks, I think cheekbone length bangs are ideal so I’m not too worried about the grow-out phase.

I’m sure I’ll change my mind again, but hey, c’est la vie. Any girls with bangs out there? Comment and let me know your experience with them. Love em’ or hate em’, I wanna hear. Let the debate begin!



Post-Bangs Selfie


*There’s a type of bangs for every shape, but really, all bangs will make your face look a little rounder, let’s be honest.

*12/27/17 Edit: Since this post was published, the author has decided to grow her bangs out. 

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